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Explore About Oreo & Its Products

Oreo is a brand of cookie consisting of two chocolate cookies with a sweet cream filling in between. The brand is known for its distinctive design and twist, lick, and dunk ritual.

Oreo was first introduced by the National Biscuit Company (Nabisco) on March 6, 1912.

The Oreo brand became the best-selling cookie in the United States in 1912.

In 1992, Nabisco was acquired by Kraft Foods, which later became the Mondelez International company.

Oreo has several variations and flavors, including Double Stuf, Golden Oreos, and Oreo Thins.

Oreo is currently sold in over 100 countries.

Brands Similar to Oreo

Chips Ahoy!

Chips Ahoy! is a cookie brand owned by Nabisco, which is also known for its range of chocolate chip cookies.

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies are a popular brand of cookies sold by the Girl Scouts of the USA as fundraiser.


Keebler is a cookie brand owned by Ferrara Candy Company, known for its Keebler Elves mascots and variety of cookie flavors.

Top Trending & High Rated Products of Oreo

Original Oreo

The original Oreo consists of two chocolate cookies with a sweet cream filling in between.

Double Stuf Oreo

Double Stuf Oreos have double the amount of sweet cream filling as the original.

Golden Oreo

Golden Oreos have a vanilla-flavored cookie with a sweet cream filling in between.

Oreo Thins

Oreo Thins are a thinner and crispier version of the original Oreo.

Mega Stuf Oreo

Mega Stuf Oreos have even more sweet cream filling than Double Stuf Oreos.

Common Questions Asked by Customers About Oreo & Its Products

What is the best way to eat an Oreo?

The best way to eat an Oreo is a matter of personal preference, but the traditional ritual involves twisting the two cookies apart, licking the sweet cream filling, and dunking the cookies in milk.

Are Oreos vegan?

Most varieties of Oreos are not vegan, as they contain non-vegan ingredients like milk and whey. However, some limited edition flavors are vegan-friendly.

Why are there different colors of Oreo cream?

Different colors of Oreo cream are usually reserved for limited edition flavors or seasonal promotions.

How many calories are in an Oreo?

A single regular-sized Oreo cookie contains approximately 53 calories.

Why are Oreos so addictive?

Oreos are designed to be a highly palatable and convenient snack, with a combination of sugar, fat, and salt that can trigger the brain's pleasure centers and lead to addiction-like behaviors in some individuals.