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Buy Good-Quality Sports and Outdoor Gear Online at Ubuy Indonesia

When it comes to living an active lifestyle, shopping for the right sports accessories is necessary. Sweating outside can really help you reduce your stress level while helping you get a slim waistline and improve your overall well-being. You can conveniently purchase fitness and workout tools online from Ubuy to stay active. At our online sports store, you will get discounted sports equipment from some of the leading global brands, for example, Outerstuff, Nike, Fanatics, Adidas, Bowflex, Yes4All, Coleman, BalanceFrom, Theraband, Marcy and so on. You can also buy weight-lifting equipment from prominent brands at Ubuy to take your fitness regime to the next level.

Get the right sports equipment and clothing for sale online to achieve your fitness goals easily. Some of the most commonly purchased sports gear at Ubuy include fitness trackers, dumbbells, yoga mats, gym balls and more. So go with the right equipment to prevail in every physical endeavour you come across.

Find Fascinating Sales & Offers on Premium Quality Sports Gear Online with Ubuy

Buying sports accessories and tools online has become the new trend in the digital era, as you can purchase your preferred sports gear without any hassle of visiting different offline stores to look for products. Be it sports tools, apparel or equipment, you can buy anything you want with our online store in Indonesia. Here is the list of most shopped fitness accessories in Indonesia from our renowned cross-border store:

Hiking and camping gear

Wanting to take a stroll on the weekend to the woods and rest up in the arms of mother nature, then you can easily shop for hiking and camping gear online with Ubuy.


The exotic swimwear collection at our online store will help you slay and be comfortable at the same time, be it on a beach vacation or a regular pool party.

Sports watches

Nowadays, you can perform all the major functions of a mobile phone through smartwatches, which seems a great benefit, especially when you are indulging in sports activities as you can not take your phone out every second. Along with that, our premium smartwatches from prominent brands also let you monitor your health aspects, such as heart rate and calorie count, which help you stay healthy. So don’t stay behind and shop for sports watches with you.

Boxing gloves

Whether you are a beginner or a professional boxer, we have got the best range of supreme quality boxing gloves ready to be purchased. With many designs, sizes and price ranges, you would surely meet all your needs with our boxing gloves.

Running shoes

With a large collection of running shoes from global brands on sale at Ubuy, you have got the best opportunity to stock up your shoe rack with new designs at discounted prices.

Soccer balls

Take your football skills to the next level by practising regularly with high-quality soccer balls available to purchase at Ubuy. You can also purchase special edition Champions League soccer balls at Ubuy without putting a strain on your pockets.

Apart from the categories mentioned above, you can go for other sports gear on clearance, such as buying golf accessories, basketballs, tennis rackets and outdoor clothing online. The best part about shopping sports equipment online with Ubuy is that you don’t have to worry about issues like low quality or bad service, as we don’t think of customer service as just a part of operations. So just look for what you need and leave the rest to us, as the best quality sports gear will be delivered to your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sports & Tools

  • Where can I buy sports gear online in Indonesia?

    Ubuy cross-border shopping platform is the best place to buy sports tools in Indonesia, as we provide products from major global brands all around the world. So you can easily get your preferred sports equipment while sitting at your home in Indonesia without any hassle.

  • How do I choose the right size for sports clothing?

    Different sports inculcate different types of clothing, however, one thing that stays common is that you should always prefer clothes that are loose and comfortable so as to reduce the chances of discomfort, which may cause you to not play well in whichever sport you are playing.

  • What are the benefits of using fitness tools at home?

    There are various benefits of using fitness tools at home, such as:

    • You can maintain a consistent fitness routine
    • You don't have to wait for your turn in between exercises
    • You can exercise whenever it's suitable for you
    • It saves both time and money

  • How do I maintain my sports equipment?

    The very first thing would be to regularly clean and check your sports equipment so as to ensure safety. Another thing would be to prevent exposing them to the sun while in storage as most sports equipment are made of plastic or rubber, which may deteriorate with time.

  • What should I consider when purchasing sports shoes?

    There are various aspects that need to be considered while purchasing sports shoes, such as 
    Fit- Before buying shoes online, you should always look for reviews and size charts so as to understand whether the product would be suitable for you or not.
    Support and Cushioning- These aspects totally depend on the insole of the shoes, so it is necessary to buy shoes with good quality insoles.
    Heel drop- Sports shoes with higher heel drop are preferred over those with lower heel drop as they help keep your gait natural while running.

  • What are some popular outdoor activities in Indonesia?

    Some of the most prominent outdoor activities in Indonesia include ecotourism, hiking/trekking, biking, river rafting, paragliding, sport fishing, rock climbing, sandboarding, soccer and volleyball, whereas traditionally, people in Indonesia used to play cockfighting, bull-fighting and racing.

  • Where can I find discounted sports gear in Indonesia?

    The best place to look for discounted sports equipment in Indonesia would be Ubuy, which is an online shopping platform that sells products from various global sports brands at the lowest possible prices.